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Gemma is one of the Sports Therapists here at Alton Pain Clinic. She qualified in 2016 after graduating from the University of Chichester with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Therapy. From a young age Gemma has always been involved in sports, especially dancing. She was part of a dance school from the age of 4 up until the age of 19 and grew up learning many styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap. Throughout the years she had many musculoskeletal injuries from dance and felt how frustrating it was to take time out to recover when she just wanted to carry on dancing. This is where Gemma’s passion for Sports Therapy stemmed from as she wanted to learn how she could manage her injuries and help herself recover so she could get back into dancing as soon as possible.

Gemma worked at a Sports Therapy clinic as well as working at a local football club as the first team’s Sports Therapist for the 2017-18 season. She also runs a clinic from the football club as my own small Sports Therapy business. Prior to moving to Portsmouth in 2017, she has also volunteered at a couple of rugby clubs. She enjoys working in a team environment and her passion is to assist those, who are suffering, to return to fully functional and match fitness through sports massage and rehabilitation. Outside of work Gemma loves to keep fit through cycling and resistance training sessions and classes at the gym. She also likes going out and exploring new places when away on a holiday.

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