We’re here for you, whether you have a family history of health problems or you just need a boost of confidence to make lifestyle changes. This examination covers all general checkup tests with addition to MSK assessment, ultrasound assessments for joints and tendons, and posture assessments.

What's covered in your Comprehensive + MSK Health Checkup?

30 minutes with our Clinician

Spend 30 minutes with our Clinician to talk about what matters to you

All of our health advisors are either nurses or have degrees in exercise physiology, nutrition, or other health-related professions. This lifestyle workshop will assist you in gaining more control over your health and well-being.

You’ll be able to talk to a doctor about your physical and emotional health and see if you need anything else during your appointment. This allows you to address any worries you may have or simply provide reassurance to put your mind at ease.

The discussion will include: